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About us


HINDU HOUSE is a registered socio-cultural organization. The organization was founded to promote universal human values along with Social Cultural, Educational, Recreational, Spiritual & Religious needs & aspirations for the Mauritian and beyond in all walks of life. People (elderly ones & women in particular) feel a cultural void due to lack of such facilities and young people are gradually becoming detached from their rich cultural heritage. The aim and objective of Hindu House is not only very unique in nature, scope, impact & overall vision but is also to contribute significantly to the population at large, economy and its image.

Hindu House contribution since its Foundation

  • Cultural Activities
  • Celebration of Divali and Maha Shivaratree at National Level and other celebrations. e.g. Holika Dahan, Doorga Pooja , Ram Nawmi, Shiv Puran Katha
  • Tirth Yatra to India
  • Day Care Centre for Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics
  • Karate, Yoga, and Zumba classes for a healthy society
  • Durga Maa Mandir – Cassis
  • Ayurvedic Clinic and Transcendental Meditation Centre
  • Spiritual Park Cum Religious Retreat at Grand Bassin
  • Shiv Prakash Mandir at Triolet
  • Prayag Raj Mandir at Morc. St. Andre


The project as a whole is to provide suitable premises for overall services where in a range of activities is already been provided: Social care, Group meets, Work shops and Seminars, small Library & Study area, Community Health Care, exer cise & well-being services, Yoga centre, School visits for Prevention Programmes Against Substance Abuse, Religious Education. Interfaith activities promoting community integration, small Temple/shrine with visiting Priest facilities and where appropriate these are customised for the Hindu community so there is a sense of belongingness and familiarity. All of these facilities are open for all communities.


Hindu House makes necessary arrangement to keep the community together, maintain the momentum, continue to mobilise the community for the bigger future project plan of a fully operational as a Centre of Excellence in the promotion of social and cultural activities.


To promote universal human values along with cultural and traditional values among the Mauritian population also to offer services in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of substance abuse along with promoting healthy lifestyle using Ayurveda and Transcendental Meditation.

Ongoing Projects and Services Provided at Hindu House Main Office

• Hindu House – Main Office
• Help De-Addiction Centre – Day Care Centre for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation (copy enclosed)
• Launching soon – (a) Ayurvedic Clinic (b) Transcendental Meditation Centre
• Pandit and Pandita Courses
• Tirth Yatra facilities
• Karate Courses
• Yoga Classes
• Durgaa Maa Mandir
• Building space and Parking facilities provided to public at large for social and cultural activities free of charge
• Publication of a Pictorial Book on History of Ganga Talao Publications on yearly basis and distributed to public
• Publication of Souvenir Magazines on the occasion of Maha Shivaratree and Divali
• Newspaper
• Publication of Calendar


The project will have a big and visible impact on the entire local community in a very positive way, with a cultural upliftment, strong multicultural roots and a much wider community integration. With the implementation of the above mentioned projects we are expecting to bring about a big revolution in the field of physical and mental health as well as addictions and in line with the mission of the Government we will be contributing to a disease free Mauritian society with a mission for ‘HAPPY MAURITIUS AND HEALTHY MAURITIUS.’

Future Vision

The long term goal is to establish Hindu House as a center for promotion of universal human values and cultural destination, to promote social, cultural and religious activities. This project envisions, in principle, to build a stronger, more resilient community & to promote family values in order to deliver the long-term benefits. The long-term vision when fully realized will become a shining example for families respecting and helping each other. We realise the enormity of the vision but we are confident that we have a strong team of motivated diverse professionals (willing to volunteer their time, skill set & resources) and we are determined to see it through with your kind help.

Our Location

Hindu House, Cassis
Shiv Prakash Mandir, Triolet
Somnath Spiritual Park, Grand Bassin