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Hindu House Main Office, Cassis

Hindu House Main Office, Cassis


Hindu House was founded in 1992 and registered in 1994. Created to promote cultural values in addressing the evils affecting our modern society and to promote and safeguard the rich and unique social, cultural, educational, and religious diversity of our country, Hindu House has grown with the blessing of the Almighty and its various volunteers throughout the years. Hindu House is now running three temples in Mauritius, namely the Shiv Prakash Mandir in Triolet, the Shiv Mandir at Ganga Talao, and the Durga Maa Mandir at Hindu House Cassis.

These temples provide a conducive place of worship for all Hindu disciples to perform their daily prayers and keep in touch with their rich traditions, values and customs. Huge prayers are also organised in the temples during all major Hindu festivals throughout the year. The temples are run by our experienced team of priests. We are also blessed to receive foreign visiting priests at our mandirs and shrines enhancing the richness of the temples. Hindu House organises several inter-cultural activities to consolidate unity among the community and society. All services provided through the Substance Abuse Help DeAddiction Centre, the Ayurvedic Medicine Centre, the Meditation & Counselling Service and the Spiritual Park & Retreat are for the benefit of all Mauritians, irrespective of their faith, community or status. Hindu House also promotes regular intercultural and inter-faith exchanges and events, the latest of which was the ‘Joint initiative between Hindu House and United Chinese Associations in June 2020. In July 2020, the Hindu House in collaboration with the United Chinese Associations, organised a ‘Journée de la Santé et de la Culture’ at Hindu House, Cassis.

Hindu House is also at the forefront in assisting many national Government initiatives to address evils and ills affecting our society and Government projects aimed at reaching the needy and the poor. Hindu House and the UCA organised a short film festival in collaboration with MFDC on child abuse to sensitise the public at large. In support of the national effort to fight alcohol abuse and drugs in Mauritius, Hindu House provides free Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation through its DeAddiction Centre in Cassis. The centre works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Wellness to treat drug addicts through methadone substitution therapy, codeine substitution therapy, psychosocial support, etc. People of all faiths and ages are treated against this evil which is causing havoc in our society and is destroying our youth and our future generations. School visits and talks are organised for prevention against substance abuse. Hindu House has always aimed at providing comfortable places of worship and retreat for the inhabitants of our beautiful island. In addition to the three temples, the Hindu House provides its Hindu House Events Hall (with 1000 seating capacity and 300 parking spaces) at Cassis to the community.

The hall can be booked at below-market preferential rates for weddings, functions and any other events. Hindu House also provides hassle-free services of pandits, singers for Haldi/Vivah/Shehnayi etc, accommodation for family of bride/groom, traditional music-artists & sonorisation, video recording/professional photographer, decorations, experienced cooks for traditional cuisine as well buffet style & catering services, Limousine & bus transport facilities, wedding cakes, henna/mehendi etc in line with traditional customs and cultures. The Events Hall at Triolet Temple (with 1000 seating capacity) is also put at the disposal of disciplines and the community.

Hindu House offers to the community the Somnath Spiritual Park & Retreat at Ganga Talao which can be visited and benefitted by all throughout the year for retreat, relaxation and spiritual awakening. The Hindu House also operated a Gowshala (cow shed) and a museum at the Somnath Spiritual Park & Retreat to rekindle the souvenirs from our traditions and culture.
Hindu House runs an Ayurvedic Medicine Centre at Hindu House, Cassis. Daily consultation and aftercare are provided by our experienced Ayurvedic Doctor, including specialist treatment through traditional ayurvedic medicine existing since ancient ages and civilisations. We also provide counselling services at the Ayurvedic Medicine Centre and occupational therapy for a better workplace environment for everyone. In its effort to encourage our youth and people of all generations in best practices to enrich their health and welfare, the Hindu House offers several classes, courses and sessions in its halls at Cassis and Triolet.

Yoga Classes and Karate Classes are provided at Hindu House premises at Cassis and Triolet Hall. Zumba and Music classes are held at Shiv Prakash Mandir Hall (Triolet). Meditation Sessions are provided in the Transcendental Meditation Centre at Cassis. The celebration of Hindu festivals and bringing the whole community together in such moments of recognition and rejoice is what the Hindu House aims at every year. Hindu House organises national events and cultural programmes on the occasion of major Hindu festivals: Divali, Maha Shivratree, Durga Pooja, Holika Dahan, Makar Sankranti, etc and regular events such as Shiv Puran and Ram Katha. During the Maha Shivratree festival every year, our volunteers do ‘seva’ and traditional food is served to pilgrims and Hindu House is converted into a resting place for pilgrims proceeding and returning from Grand Bassin. Tirth Yatra and Chaar Dhaam tours in India are also organised on a regular basis by Hindu House.

We have travelled together on this difficult and noble path for years and we will proceed on this path towards a harmonious civilisation which leads to prosperity, happiness, sustainable peace, enlightenment and the blessings of spiritual growth to future generations.