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Veerendra Ramdhun

A Tribute

Veerendra Ramdhun, the president of the Hindu House died in the early morning hours on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, at the age of 64, following a long illness. He had just turned 64 on October 08, 2019, while he was hospitalised. Veerendra Ramdhun was born on October 08, 1955, in the village of Morcellement St Andre in the north of the country. He held the position of President of Hindu House for over 25 years and was known for his outspokenness. The journey of Veerendra Ramdhun could be an inspiration for young and old, as testified by his engagement towards the community and the country.

The following is a short tribute to him

Veerendra Ramdhun has been married for 32 years to Karuna, a homemaker and was a father of two, a daughter Asha, who made him a grandfather, and a son Kreshan who recently got married. They have together with the management team of historic and new members of the Hindu House, taken the helm of the Hindu House to perpetuate the legacy left by their father and still in the process to go far beyond. Coming from a humble background, he started out as a small farmer to support his family, and later joined the Ministry of Agriculture before retiring in 2005, he devoted himself full-time to the cause of the Hindu House. Since then, in addition to his very pressing responsibilities at Hindu House, he has been an entrepreneur in the agricultural field.

Veerendra Ramdhun was also the president of the Shivala of Morcellement St Andre. He was the president of the Northern Planters Association; one of the linchpins for the establishment of a fund of Rs 25 million for workers and planters when the St Antoine sugar establishment closed. This fund, as he proudly used to say, still sustains families and was brought to life thanks to the intervention of Sir Anerood Jugnauth and Madan Dulloo in the 1980s.
In his last interview on Sunday, 22 September 2019, in the context of the magazine of the Hindu House which was released for the celebration of Divali 2019 on 20 October 2019… Veerendra Ramdhun spoke at length of the Hindu House and spoke about his journey.

According to him, the Hindu House has existed for more than 25 years, more specifically the association was registered by the Registrar of Associations on 09 August 1994. The Hindu House aimed at its very beginning to gather all Hindus on a single platform and to be at the service of all Mauritians. Moreover, when he spoke to Hindus, it was always about the Great Hindu Family in its diversity, without any language barriers and without any distinction. According to Veerendra Ramdhun his fight for the Hindu community does not date from today. Veerendra Ramdhun was known for his outspokenness throughout his life.

Already, on Sunday, 20 October 2019 during the celebrations of Divali, at the Hindu House, his absence due to his hospitalization did not go unnoticed. The Prime Minister was the guest of honor at these celebrations. Pravind Kumar Jugnauth did not fail to highlight the good work done by the Hindu House. It should be noted that the Prime Minister reacted on his Facebook page by paying tribute to the deceased “Veerendra Ramdhun was a great patriot and a true friend. My deepest sympathy to his family and close ones.

May his Aatma reincarnate in peace. Aum Shanti.”

Veerendra Ramdhun was a friend of Jugnauth family. He did not miss an opportunity to highlight the contribution of the Jugnauth family for the advancement of the country. And with regards to the work accomplished, it must be said that the Hindu House in 25 years of existence under the presidency of Veerendra Ramdhun can be proud of its achievements.

In addition to the historic building located in Cassis in the capital that organizes activities throughout the year including the training of pandits, yoga classes, martial arts classes, activities for people suffering from drug addiction. The Hindu House also operates the 108 Shivling Mandir at Ganga Talao with a Gawshala, where cow prayers are practiced and the Shiv Prakash Mandir and a multipurpose hall at 7eme Mile, Triolet. There are also unfinished projects like the Spiritual Park at Ganga Talao.

Luxshmee Ramdhun-Bundhun better known as Asha is the new president of the Hindu House. This is the first time in its history that the Hindu House is presided over by a woman. Her work continues with a new vision in relation to the activities organized by the Hindu House together with her brother and the close management team overseeing the good functioning of the Hindu House guided by the legacy built by late Veerendra Ramdhun.

Dr Harish Khooblall, PhD
Consultant and Author